Shelter in Japan. Otilia Martin's experience as an artist in Japan

An art chronicle about the co-working experience with international artists in Futtsu (Japan)

L’ombre japonaise, and the shortfilm “Olivia”, exhibited in the Masaru Makii Gallery in Tokyo

The installation “L’ombre japonaise” -which I worked on during the Symposium last July-and the shortfilm Olivia, have been exhibited in the Masaru Makii Art Gallery in Tokyo. Here are some pictures:

L’ombre japonaise was exhibited in a room entirely dedicated to my work, which makes me feel very proud and grateful.


Shibuya rainy day

Hi! I just uploaded my first digital images here. I took them after the symposium, when I left Futtsu and headed to Tokyo. I spent there four days on my own, except in the nights, because  I stayed at my good friend’s Tomoko’s house (ともこさん、どもありがとう。フェングシュイはよかったです!). Being alone in Tokyo, having the pleasure to  look everything with no pressures, no conversations, no protocols, no rushes…Being on my own is what I really needed. It is what I always need.

Tomoko in the sky(P)

L’ombre japonaise

This is the video of the work-in-progress of L’ombre japonaise, the installation I did during the symposium. It is a step-by-step video…it seems a tutorial!!! So, if any of you would like to do your own ombre japonaise, you know how to do it!! Mines is ready!!

Installation L'ombre japonaise. Otilia Martín. Futtsu (Japan). 2009.

The opening day

Finally, and after a week in which I spent the nights dreaming about the flight connections between Tokyo and Barcelona -which becomes quite tiring- I have a new video ready. This is the video of the (intense and exhausting day of July the 19th…the opening day). I hope you enjoy it!

The opening day

Yellow walls

Yellow wall in Shinkuju

The afterward work is quite of strange. Too much things to think of, and the feeling that this world from here is trying to bolt me together with this experiencie as soon as possible, to bring me to his part of the wall. I will work in the afterward work during this week, in order to upload a some videos and photo galleries. I will resist 😉

Coming soon!!

I am back to Barcelona, trying to process not only the videos I am working in, but also the whole artistic and personal experience, changing the snoring noises for drank people’s noise. 


This picture is not mines.

This picture is not mines.



I have almost finished  the video of the opening party with some remarkable images of the woman drum team who played during the opening and I plan to upload it during the weekend, so…keep in touch!!!

Unreal amniotic fluid

This embryo is leaving the unreal amniotic fluid in which it has felt once more real.
Strange feelings in Japan. This should be Mars and I shoul feel like an alien. But I dont. Maybe I feel more comfortable in an alien world, and thats why from here, I see the rest of the world as something foreing to me.

Underwater fishes